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  • Registering on our Website

To be registered on this website, you must be 18 years of age or older, and you must be old enough to create an account on our website and to contact any of our partners or third parties through our website. You also state that the details provided on your profile about you are true, accurate, current, and to the best of your knowledge. You must promptly update us on any changes in details.

You must create a password during registration on The maintenance and remembrance of this password are entirely your responsibility. You are also responsible for the confidentiality of your chosen password, and any breach of that confidentiality as a result of improper safeguarding is not the responsibility of Zerodip. In cases of a forgotten password, you are allowed to request a change to your password. If this is your situation, you are required to click on “Lost your password?” on the login popup and enter your registered email address to get a reset link. You agree that any person or entity to which you disclose the details of your login, including your email address or password, is responsible for any changes or interactions made on or through your profile. If you have reason to believe your password has been compromised, kindly contact us immediately.

When you create an account with Zerodip, you may be allowed to opt in to receive marketing emails from us, our partners, or third parties. You can withdraw this permission at any time via our website or by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any received email. We, however, reserve the right to send you service emails relating to your account.


  • Your Responsibilities

All the information on our website is simply advice. It is your responsibility to cross-check any information on the website against any external source to make sound decisions. You should talk to a professional before taking all information seen on our website as ultimate.

Kindly note that Zerodip is not a real estate company. Our website offers an opportunity for real estate agents or developers to market their properties on our website. All partners registered with us are allowed to do so in good faith. We haven’t checked our property ourselves. We do not give you assurances of its stable condition.


  • Materials You Provide

By publishing content or other information on our website, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully transferrable licence to use, reproduce, display, sell, and modify the content. We won’t pay you for using, reproducing, displaying, selling, or modifying the content, and we reserve the right to take the content down or change it whenever we want. You can post content on our website as long as you follow our rules and the content is not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, or otherwise offensive to us or other users.


  • Usage Limits

1. You will not transmit materials or content that disrupts, damages, destroys, or limits the functionality of our website, software, or any other platform.

2. You will not use our website for any other activity except as agents or developers offering homes for sale and rent or as customers seeking buying or renting advice.

3. You will not copy our data or reverse-engineer our procedures

4. You will not use our website illegally or to harm, including but not limited to committing fraud against us or any other user

5. Change any copyright notices on our website

6. Disrupt the premium user experience of other users


  • Intellectual Property Rights

This website, the content published inside, its database, software, and source code are solely the intellectual property of Zerodip. Various copyrights and trademarks protect the database, design, and other content on the website. Breaching our copyright can come in the form of copying our logo, trademarks, and service marks. You require our permission to do this.

You can use the executable software for website usage under a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence.

You cannot use an automated programme to acquire, accumulate, or execute other similar data or content actions on the website. Programme automation violates these terms.

You must not copy, reproduce, share, or distribute our website. You have limited rights to use our website. We reserve the right to terminate your licence and access to our website whenever we see fit.


  • Holding Fee


The charge for accepting and confirming a live tour of the property listed on Zerodip that has been taken will incur a charge of $3–5 and be transferred to the property seeker. Your business must confirm the availability of a property to the seeker before accepting an inspection or viewing. If your business confirms a physical property viewing or inspection that is not available or with the aim of offering alternative properties onsite without the seeker's knowledge before confirming the appointment, a fee chargeable ($3–5) per incident will be applied.


Platform non-refundable monthly holding fee of $15 after a few months of platform-free use for your business. You will be notified ahead of time for the payable period.



Your business has a maximum of 3 incidents per month insured by Zerodip, and if all $15 is used in a month to cover your business’s incidents, the subsequent month will incur a higher holding fee until your business compliance is reviewed.


  • Sharecode


As an estate agency, property developer or short-let host registered and verified on 

By gaining just 40 coins stock using your account’s sharecode, you get to own a part of Zerodip (terms and conditions apply).


Owning a part of Zerodip means you get dividends on your coins stock every 6 months!!!  


You gain shares by using your sharecode to introduce an eligible real estate agency, property developer or short-let host!  


To get started, sign up on and learn more today! 


And very soon you will be able to build up your coins stock shopping at major supermarkets across Nigeria!


Your  coins stock can can be converted anytime on our platform into money straight into your bank account provided to us!


Zerodip is committing to reward your hard work in the real estate market! 

Go ahead, become a partner, and watch your coins stock build and yield dividends!


 A coin is equivalent to N300 (Three hundred Naira)

A share is equivalent to 40 coins stock

A 40 coins stock can yield 5% after a period of 6 months.

Sharecode can only be used by CAC-registered real estate agency, property developer and short-let host.

40 coins stock minimum withdrawal is applicable. 

Coins stock or share ownership does not give any users of a voting or control right at any point. 


  • Indemnity

You consent to hold Zerodip, our affiliates, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, employees, agents, or suppliers harmless from any liability resulting from or related to your use of this website, your violation of these terms and conditions, or your infringement of any third party's intellectual property or other rights.


  • Viruses

We do not hold liability for any malware, ransomware, trojan, or any other virus that infects your computer or phone, or both, by using our website. It is the responsibility of any user to have virus-repelling software that protects their computer, phone, or both. We do not hold liability for any loss of files or documents due to any virus.


  • Disclaimer

This website, together with all the contents therein, is a property of Zerodip. We, however, make no covenants, warranties, or assurances, either categorically or implied, as to the quality or relevance of any purpose. We also do not agree with its completeness or accuracy. To ensure the accuracy or efficacy of any information you find on this website, cross-check it with any other knowledge source you choose.

Zerodip does not accept any responsibility, nor do any of her representatives make any representations, guarantees, or assurances that the website will be perpetually operational without interruptions. Zerodip may, at any time and without consultation with anybody or anything, cease to operate. This may be due to maintenance requirements. On such occasions, access to any of the features or services will halt until such a time as functionality is guaranteed. We accept no liability for any constraints that this may cause you. 

All value estimates for any commodity found on our website are intended for informational purposes and should not be relied on as God’s truth or absolute for any transactional purposes, commercial or otherwise. The information therein is based on publicly available information, which may or may not be complete, thorough, or without error. While the website gives you access to knowledge and information, all responsibility for verifying the authenticity or professional strength of the values found on this website is unequivocally yours.

All property or service descriptions declared on this website are done in good faith and intended for information and marketing purposes, and neither Zerodip nor its representatives hold any responsibility for the efficacy of such declarations.

The services or businesses advertised on our pages or any of the blogs established by the agents or developers are expressly their own opinions and do not represent the opinion of Zerodip, its directors, or any staff under the employ of Zerodip. It is the responsibility of registered customers, buyers, or tenants to ensure the accuracy of any property descriptions declared or published herein.

Zerodip does not bear responsibility for your disregard of this Disclaimer Notice, and any consequences arising from ignorance of the facts stated herein are expressly those of the registrant or buyer.

The responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of property lies with the agent or developer. Zerodip does not accept liability for any injury, loss of life, or property arising from the use of substandard materials and equipment in the establishment of the properties listed on our website. We also do not accept liability for the inability of any agent or developer to complete any transaction with any buyer. Any cases of negligence, fraud, misrepresentation of property design, or any other fact are not the responsibility of Zerodip or any of its representatives.

We do not accept responsibility for any disregard for due diligence in the completion of any transaction between the buyer and the agent or developer listed here.

For agents and developers, we are not responsible for any of the following:

1. Loss of client, business, profit, sales, or revenue

2. Interruption in business

3. Loss of leads, goodwill or reputation

For customers, you agree not to use our website or any profile dashboard we give you upon registration for any commercial or business purposes. We do not hold liability for any loss or profit, business or business opportunity, or any interruption of business.



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