Membership Terms and Conditions

Welcome to an informative read of our Member Terms and Conditions. This outlines what guides you as a registered professional at Zerodip.

Let's examine some definitions of terms you will most likely come across as a registered member of Zerodip.


“Agreement” means we have decided to form a mutually beneficial alliance with you and have sealed that agreement with varying methods, including receiving your registration, payment, and subscription to our website. These Member Terms and Conditions govern this contract.


“Banner” describes the services of an estate agent or property developer registered to market or advertise on our website. Zerodip may, from time to time, provide this to the member.


“Business Hours” means all days recognised in Nigeria as "work days," including Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It also includes days that do not fall under national public holidays, including Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.


“Content” are materials made available for your consumption by Zerodip or persons authorised by the company to produce such materials. We publish these materials on our website,, and our social media handles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube. All authorised content produced and published by Zerodip, or persons authorised by Zerodip, remains our intellectual property, including photographs, texts, and audio-visual productions, edited or uncut, except those which we explicitly declare that we do not hold rights over.


"Content Management Systems" is any system that has been made available to the Member by Zerodip to facilitate the upload of content to the website. These contents include property descriptions and photographs.


“Data Controller” is defined in the Nigeria Data Protection Act as an individual, private entity, public commission, agency, or anybody who, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data.


“Data Processor” is an entity that processes the data of a data subject on behalf of Zerodip.


“Data Subject” is defined by the Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023, as an individual to whom personal data relates.


“Data Subject's Rights”: The NDPA has defined that a data subject has the right to:

1. Consent to the collection and processing of data.

2. Withdraw consent at any time.

3. Object to or restrict the processing of their personal data.

4. Request confirmation from the data controller regarding the processing of their personal data.

5. Lodge a complaint with a regulatory authority.

6. Request and collect personal data from a data collector or request the transfer of such data.

7. Request access to, rectification of, and erasure of their personal data.


“Lead” is an entity that contacts an estate agent, host, or property developer registered on our website for any reason, including making an inquiry, completing a business, or any other business purpose. The lead must contact the user through contact details sourced from the site.


“Lead Content” means information that has been generated on a lead or as a result of a lead reaching out to a Member through contacts published on the site.


“Logo” means the Zerodip logo. It could also mean any logo Zerodip may, from time to time, provide to the member.


“Marketing Content” is any material that Zerodip has sent to the member via any channel, including email, with the intention of promoting one or more of Zerodip's services.


“Member” includes an estate agent, property developer, or host, as stated in the registration and order of services form.


“Nigeria Data Protection Act” This is a Data Protection Act that governs the collection and processing of data within Nigeria. The Nigerian Data Protection Act was passed in 2023.


“Order of Services Form” is an order made by the Estate Agent, Property Developer or Host, for the services of Zerodip, including the rights to enjoy premium tools for the promotion and marketing of their properties. This can be amended, or on a period-to-period basis, and clearly request that these services be provided under the contract in exchange for fees or other stated obligations.


“Personal Data" is defined by the Nigeria Data Protection Act as the personal information of the Data Subject.


“Photograph” is defined as any content in a photograph format. This may include still pictures of humans, buildings, household content, and infographics.


“Photograph Content Criteria” are criteria that govern the upload or usage of photographic content on our website. One example of such criteria is that which states that pictures uploaded on the property details page must equal or be more than three.


“Property Developer” is a company or agency that manages the design, construction, and marketing of new-build properties. 


“Property Development” means a residential new-build property that can be bought by property seekers or investors, either by direct payment or through a mortgage scheme.


“Renewal” means the renewal of the subscription or membership of an estate agent, property developer, or host for continued enjoyment of the premium services of Zerodip.


"Services" is defined as acts-for-pay to be provided by Zerodip as outlined in the Order of Services Form and may include one or more of the following:

1. A process encouraging the Member to upload property details, including photographs and brochures, to the website

2. Displaying properties that have been listed by the Member on the website

3. Directing inbound leads to the Member by forwarding reviews, inquiries, and other Lead-Member action to the Member's email or dashboard.

4. Providing advertising services to the Member

5. Providing Member with access to view reports of their performance on the website.

6. Any other services that may be provided by Zerodip from time to time.


"Services Amendment Request Form" This means a request form for the amendment of services included on the Order of Services Form. This indicates to Zerodip that the Member wants an amendment, either by removal from or addition to, services provided by Zerodip.


"Start or Commencement Date" means the date when the contract officially begins counting towards completion. It is as stated on the Order of Services Form.


“Trial Period” is a period where a business that has registered with Zerodip for the roles of Estate Agent, Property Developer or Host enjoys free access to premium tools created and uploaded by Zerodip to its website.


"Video Content" means any audio-visual content in a video format, such as MP4. It also includes links to videos uploaded on third-party sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.


"Video Content Criteria" means any criteria that governs the kind and format of videos to be uploaded by the Member. The criteria may be updated periodically.


"Website" means the website located at and any other website controlled and powered by Zerodip.


"Zerodip" means Zerodip (Zerodip Limited), incorporated in Nigeria.