How to View a Property Floor Plan

Get help finding for your next property in any neighbourhood in Nigeria.

Having a copy of the floor plan of your desired home is very important. It gives you the layout and structure of the home. It also gives you the opportunity to visualise how you would occupy the space.

To view the floor plan of a property, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign into your Zerodip account. Sign up if you are not yet a registered user.

(Check out the guide on ‘How to Create an Account on Zerodip’.)

Step 2: Using the search icon, specify what location you would want to buy or rent a property.

Step 3: Click on your desired property to view property details.

Step 4: Locate the floor plan icon below the property details and right after ZerAi's zone.

Step 5: Click on ‘Floorplan’ to view the property's structure and layout. If the floor plan is not available, kindly click the ‘Ask the agent for a floor plan' icon.

Step 6: Fill out the form. Ensure you enter the correct information and click on ‘Send request'.

Step 7: Check your email for a confirmation mail.