How to use ZerAI for Property Research

Get help finding for your next property in any neighbourhood in Nigeria.

Zerodip.Ng has features for estate agents, property developers, and short-let hosts. Among the most exciting is ZerAI, our very own AI assistant. ZerAI helps you make the best and most efficient property decisions. With ZerAI, you can search for information about any property on our website. Do you want to know the jobs within your locality? #JustAskZerAI. Do you want to know if your bank is within walking distance? #AskZerAI; whatever you want to know, ZerAI knows.

To use ZerAI, do the following:

1. Visit our homepage at

2. Search for a property by clicking and typing in a location in the search field provided on the homepage. Click “For Sale” or “To Rent.” Or, you can find “For Sale” or “To Rent” via the menu banner on the landing page. Select either and fill in the required search criteria.

3. Click on any specific property to open the property details page.

4. Scroll down to find ZerAI

5. Select any of the popular questions provided, or ask any original questions you may have.

6. Click the white arrow to send your question and allow ZerAI to answer you.