How to Use the Mortgage Calculator to Research Equity

Get help finding for your next property in any neighbourhood in Nigeria.

This feature is only available to those looking to buy a property. The mortgage calculator is a very useful tool that helps you know how much equity you can get from your bank and how much deposit you may be required to pay on the property. The mortgage calculator also lets you know your repayment term.

Use the mortgage calculator on Zerodip with the following steps:

Step 1: Sign into your Zerodip account. (Check out our guide on ‘How to Create an Account on Zerodip'.)

Step 2: Type out your desired location on the search icon and click the ‘For Sale' button.

Step 3: Scan through the listings and pick your favourite.

Step 4: Locate the mortgage calculator under the selected property details. Some options are already pre-filled. You can modify them accordingly.


Our mortgage calculator gives you an estimated amount of possible equity you must get to access a loan.


Ensure to do your personal research on mortgages before signing with any private mortgage institution..

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