How to Manage Your Zerodip Account

Find help with your Zerodip account

Managing your Zerodip account is equally straightforward. By reading through this guide, you should be able to understand any complexity. If you have not registered for a Zerodip account, kindly view our How to Create an Account on Zerodip.

To view and manage your Zerodip account, you must be one of the following:

  • Seeker
  • Estate agent
  • Developer
  • Host



Seeker Account accounts are the most basic of all accounts and only allow you to track property changes. For the agent and developer accounts, you can do so much more.

Managing Agent or Developer Account

Step 1: Type and send to your web browser; this will take you directly to our homepage.

Step 2: Click Login/Signup on the top right.

Step 3: Type in your registered email and phone number, and click "login.”

You can choose to tick the box that says “Remember me” to allow our website to remember your login details so you won’t have to type them in each time you attempt to login.

Step 4: Select and click role dashboard from the dropdown that says "Hi.”

Your dashboard has all the tools that you need to make the most of our offer. These include adding and managing properties, monitoring your performance, and tracking property changes.


You are also able to add your team members and assign responsibilities to them.