How to Get Verified as an Estate Agent, Developer, or Host

Find help with your Zerodip account

To be able to list on Zerodip, we must confirm that you are a registered professional. You must also register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This is because we are a B2B company and do not deal with unaffiliated professionals.


To be verified on Zerodip, you must provide all the following:

1. A valid phone number

2. Government-issued ID

3. Recent bank statement or business letterhead with bank details

4. Business CAC Certificate


These are the steps to take to be verified on Zerodip:

1. Visit via your web browser.

2. Login to your dashboard. Click here to find out how to manage your Zerodip account.

3. Click Verifications

4. Upload the required information and documents.

5. Click Update Verification Data.


We will verify your status as a property professional on Zerodip once we verify your data.