How Do I Tailor My To Rent?

Get help finding for your next property in any neighbourhood in Nigeria.

Zerodip has a broad database of properties for you to search through. When searching for your perfect home on Zerodip, you can tailor your search to be specific to some particular criteria you may already have in mind.

Web (PC)


Click "To Rent" on the menu banner.

Search for your preferred location in the search field provided.

With the location, you can search for all properties within the location at large.

However, you can optimise your search for more specific search results.


How to tailor your search for a more optimised search

On the "To Rent" interface, do the following:

Type in the preferred location.

Two drop-down menus follow, and from these, you can select the number of bedrooms and price range, respectively. Click Bedrooms to specify the number of bedrooms you would like. The options are 1–6. Regarding prices, click on the minimum and maximum prices to filter according to price.

Select your preferred property type next. You can select one of "flat, semi-detached duplex, or detached duplex." You can also select "show all" to bring out all properties across all property types.

Click "search"

Furthermore, on the property gallery page, you can take advantage of the filters in the right column to find your perfect lot. Here, you can find filtering points such as houses within a particular radius, title types, year built, and lots more.

You can choose to save your ideal search and add it to your tracklist.


Scroll down to view available properties that align with your search criteria. Click on anyone to view more details about it.