How can I view property details?

You will find help on the estimates, property details and listing of your property. 

At Zerodip, we provide verified estate agents and property developers with an opportunity to have their homes listed on our platform.

The property details page serves as a hub for the properties listed on our page. The property details page contains important information, such as:


  • Features and description of your property, including the number of beds, bathroom, and reception areas.
  • Other property details include the service charge, brokerage fee, metre type, and viewing option.
  • Property Certificates, including Certificate of Occupancy, Property Deed, Property Survey, etc.
  • You can also find information that shows you various data for the location you intend to buy a property in, including the nearest schools, stations, and restaurants.


If a marketing agent listed your home on Zerodip and you felt there wasn't enough information, we'll update the listing when we receive new information from the listing agent or other reliable sources in a few months.

How can I edit my home's attribute on Zerodip Property Pages?

Unfortunately, neither you nor we have the ability to edit or remove your home listing on Zerodip.

If an estate agent has listed this home on Zerodip, then he can edit it from his portal. However, he is not able to edit all aspects of the building. Other sources automatically provide aspects related to markets and investments, and neither we nor you nor an agent can influence them.

As our published estimates are based on publicly available data, we do not remove estimates for individual properties.


  • How can I search for property details for a home?

To view your property details, do the following:


  • Visit
  • Provide your search location in the designated field on the landing page.
  • Click For Sale or For Rent


You are then taken to the next page, where you can view and interact with millions of listed properties.