Guidelines for Reviewers

Zerodip is here to help you rebuild trust in property searches by leveraging authentic reviews. 

Zerodip.Ng is designed for you to maximise your property investment experience. The zerodip review gives you a stage to collaborate with other perspectives and connect with businesses to help them improve their services on our platform.

Our terms are available to help you enjoy your use of our website. Kindly get yourself acquainted with it. Study it and help us maintain Zerodip as a platform that works for everyone.

When can you write a review?

You can write a review on Zerodip anytime. There is no window for you to write one, but you can achieve the most with your review if you do it under the following conditions:

a. When you have had a positive experience with a business. It helps the business to know that they have done well with you and to further improve their services.

b. When you have had a negative experience with a business. This is the flipside of number one, as here you are letting viewers know that you have not enjoyed your experience with a business. This helps us know how to examine our relationship with businesses and helps the businesses improve their services.

Do not write a review for a business if they have offered you benefits to do so. Writing a review based on quid pro quo is prohibited on our website. Benefits that are classified under this include discounts, referral bonuses, or other gifts. If a business registered on Zerodip has made you an offer of review for benefit, kindly report to us here.

Your reviews give users an opportunity to identify with your experience and improve the services on our website. No matter how small the experience may seem, it is worth reviewing.

Remember that reviews work better when they are about events that have occurred within a period of time. It is best to limit it to one month. This is because changes are made frequently on the website, and recent events will help people looking to close deals faster.

Do not write a fake or biased review.

If you have not personally witnessed an experience on Zerodip, do not give a review as though you have. Don't write one on proxy either. If someone else has experienced it, they should talk about it. If you are a staff member of a business registered on Zerodip, do not give a review in order to boost your company's image.

Being paid to write a review is not allowed on Zerodip.

Have evidence to back up your experience.

You may be required to explain your experience, and if you do not have evidence, then your review is pointless. Keep evidence that backs up your review. This comes in handy if a business you have reviewed negatively decides to contest it.

Keep your receipts. Receipts may include payment receipts, chat receipts, and others.

Be Nice

Zerodip is not a platform to fight someone or defame anyone's character. Your reviews contribute to the improvement of our services and those of businesses registered here. Do not post inflammatory reviews, including those that harm, discriminate, or defame others. Do not post obscene content. And most importantly, do not lie, threaten, or blackmail any other user.

What is a defamatory review?

Defamation is the act of publishing or voicing words or ideas that are not based on fact and truth and are intended to bring someone into disrepute. Simply put, defamation is writing to bring injury to the reputation of another person.

We have given you an opportunity to share your stories. Do not make them up. Share them as they are, not as you wish they were. If we believe that a review has been malicious and has been intended to bring injury to any member of Zerodip, we may take down the review.

Do not promote any business with your review.

Do not write a review to promote any business or idea, marketing links, or content. Do not sell anything with your reviews.

Do not expose private information.

Private things should remain private. Do not share any personal information, including phone numbers, names, addresses, email addresses, bank account numbers, or anything else that may be used to track, identify, or steal your identity.

Your privacy and that of others on our website are very important to us.

Make sure you are reviewing the intended party.

If you have intended to interview Estate Agent A, make sure your review clearly states Estate Agent A and not Estate Agent B. Before submitting your reviews, double check to make sure you are hitting the right person.

Do not miss the mosquito, and slap the king.

Register on Zerodip.

You are required to own a Zerodip account in order to successfully leave a review. This allows us to monitor and keep both activities in check. You must register with an email address and update your profile page.

Owning an account is also important if we need to contact you about your review.

Edit or delete your review.
If you have left a review for a business and you desire to edit or remove it, you can do so. You own your reviews. You can edit to add more context or more meaning.


You can flag a review.

You can flag a review when you believe it has gone against our terms. This helps us protect our platform and improve our services to you.

Flag a review only when there is a need to do so. Do not flag it just because it is not consistent with your experience. Each user owns their experience on our website.


We will not tolerate

We accept all views from everybody, and we do not hinder anyone from expressing their freedom of expression. But there may be consequences for some kinds of expression. If your review has been flagged for going against our terms, we may stop further spread of the review until you have made changes.

If you, through your reviews, misuse our platform, we can permanently delete your reviews, delete your account, or both. A deleted account means a deleted review.



We hope that you have understood our guidelines for reviews. They are designed to guide you. Be aware that we have the final definition of how you should interpret this guideline. They may be reviewed and updated anytime, so always visit and keep yourself updated.