Guidelines for Businesses

Zerodip is here to help you rebuild trust in property searches by leveraging authentic reviews. 



These guidelines are applicable to businesses registered on Zerodip and make use of tools designed, produced, and provided as services, including our website,

Our Terms, Privacy Policy, and Slavery Statement govern the use of our website and how you use it.


Inviting or Asking Seekers to Submit Reviews

A seeker is someone who:

  • has registered on as a seeker.
  • intends to buy, rent, or monitor house prices and property changes in listings made available by a business.
  • added properties listed by businesses to tracklists or added them to property lists.
  • has contacted businesses about property tour bookings,


All these are referred to as "Zerodip Experiences."

When a business asks Seekers to review their listings available on Zerodip or their services, they must make sure to abide by the following rules:

Businesses must ensure there is no bias in the way they ask seekers to review their properties listed on Zerodip. They must not be selective in the way they ask seekers to submit reviews about their services.

Seekers who review businesses have been given the freedom to do so equally. No one is left out in their ability to give reviews.

Businesses must not offer incentives to users in exchange for reviews. Incentives can come in the form of discounts, gifts, or other rewards.

Replying to Reviews

Businesses have the ability to reply to reviews made about their services or properties listed on Zerodip. The business must make sure that all replies are in line with the following:

They are not unlawful, offensive, misleading, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or profane.

does not violate the rights of others, including privacy rights, intellectual rights, or human rights.

does not breach any laws and regulations of Nigeria. They must also not violate international laws.



Zerodip.Ng is designed for you to maximise your property investment experience. To achieve this, we have unveiled this review platform. The review platform gives you a stage to collaborate with other perspectives and connect with businesses to help them improve their services on our platform.

Our terms are available to help you enjoy your use of our website. Kindly get yourself acquainted with it. Study it and help us maintain Zerodip as a platform that works for everyone.


1. Who can and cannot write a review?

People can write a review on Zerodip anytime. You must understand that an experience does not necessarily mean that someone has successfully completed the purchase or rent of a property listed by a business. It can include a request for a property tour, a visit to a property details page, or a request for documents such as brochures and business contact details.

a. When someone has had a positive experience with your business. It helps you to know that you have done well with the seeker and to further improve your services.

b. When someone has had a negative experience with your business. This is the flip side of number one.

No one with a conflict of interest can write a review about your business. This includes you, your staff, and your immediate family members. It also means that neither you nor your employees can review other businesses that have listed properties on Zerodip. This is to protect the integrity of reviews.


2. Do not ask for reviews if the process of doing so is tainted.

If you are asking for reviews, any process you take to do so must be fair and should not be biased.

Do not ask for reviews in exchange for gratifications, including discounts, referral bonuses, and gifts.

Do not ask your employees to leave reviews on Zerodip.

3. No fake reviews

Do not write fake reviews about your own listings or ask people to drop fake reviews. We do not tolerate fake reviews, and we take no time to remove them.


4. Be Nice

Zerodip is not a platform to fight someone or defame anyone's character. Your reviews contribute to the improvement of our services and those of businesses registered here. Do not post inflammatory reviews, including those that harm, discriminate, or defame others. Do not post obscene content. And most importantly, do not lie, threaten, or blackmail any other user.


5. Do not recognise a reviewer.

If someone has left a review on your properties, whether positive or negative, do not recognise them, either for reward or for vengeance. Everyone has the right to write a review.

Instead, engage them to find out more about how you can improve.


6. Do not expose private information.

Private things should remain private. Do not share any personal information, including phone numbers, names, addresses, email addresses, bank account numbers, or anything else that may be used to track, identify, or steal your identity.

If your employees decide to use their private details when replying to reviews, then they have done so on their own accord, and you shouldn't flag reviews that mention them by their name.


7. What is a defamatory review flag?

Defamation is the act of publishing or voicing words or ideas that are not based on fact and truth and are intended to bring someone into disrepute. Simply put, defamation is writing to bring injury to the reputation of another person.

We have given everyone an opportunity to share their stories. No one should make up stories. You can flag reviews that are defamatory, but note that not all reviews are defamatory, even if they are negative.


8. Everyone can flag a review.

Everyone can flag a review when they believe it has gone against our terms. This helps us protect our platform and improve our services to you.

Flag a review only when there is a need to do so. They should not flag it just because it is not consistent with their experience. Each user owns their experience on our website.


9. Your business account

You must not provide any misleading information in your business account. Your properties should not contain misleading information either.


10. Reviewers own their reviews.

Everyone has ownership of all reviews they leave on Zerodip. If they choose to edit or remove them, then it is their choice. Do not threaten, pressure, or offer anyone incentives to edit or remove their reviews.


11. We will not tolerate

We accept all views from everybody, and we do not hinder anyone from expressing their freedom of expression. But there may be consequences for some kinds of replies to reviews. If your reply has been flagged for going against our terms, we may stop further spread of the reply until you have made changes.

If you, through your replies, misuse our platform, we can permanently delete your replies, delete your account, or both. A deleted account means a deleted reply.


12. Conclusion

We hope that you have understood our guidelines for reviews. They are designed to guide you. Be aware that we have the final definition of how you should interpret this guideline. They may be reviewed and updated anytime, so always visit and keep yourself updated.