Introducing the Seeker's ADVANTAGE

Zerodip powers comprehensive information you won't find anywhere else - the most in-depth analysis of every property, neighbourhood, town, and city in Nigeria.



Our reason for introducing Zerodip to the Nigerian property market is due to one deep desire:

To create authenticity in an industry that is losing consumer trust. Research by Araloyin Funmilayo and Olatoye Ojo that studied 203 real estate consumers in Lagos showed that most consumers believed service quality was poor in areas of "provided service as promised," "frequent communication," "personal attention," and "courtesy." Zerodip's implementation of systems and tools will significantly improve these areas.


By thoroughly vetting and approving the registration process of estate agents and developers on our website, we commit to only engaging authentic estate agents and property developers. Home Seekers can access verified contact details of estate agents and property developers, some of which are available on request, while others can be found on the property pages of listed units. This will significantly improve the Seeker's perception of service delivery.


In areas such as "courtesy," we have provided mechanisms that will give the Home Seeker more control over communication with the estate agents or property developers. One way we have implemented this is by adding a robust review system that will show how a Seeker feels about or rates the services of any agent on our platform.

It is our desire that everyone who comes to Zerodip has access to high-quality information and data that will help them improve their property search experience.


  • Why have we launched Zerodip?

This platform is designed for Seekers, Hosts, Estate Agents and Developers, and provides more in-depth content, research and insights, and product information.

Our Insights will host regular property market reports and various guides on best practices to improve your property management business and your experience as a homeowner.

These reports will be easily accessible and downloadable.


  • How is Zerodip built for Seekers?

As a house hunter, a lot of things come into focus when searching for the right home. Lack of access to the right information can lead to, among many things, loss of money by overbidding and improper documentation, which could lead to legal troubles.

Zerodip gives you access to more in-depth data to help you make more informed and data-driven decisions when getting on the property ladder.


  • Why do I need Zerodip in my property search?

The areas where you’ll need the Zerodip Advantage include:

1. Sold house prices: With Zerodip, you can do proper research about the real cost of a particular property. We expose you to average house prices for your area as well as sold prices. You can also check the sold price history or find out previous changes in listing prices.

2. You can also view photos and floor plans of a property you admire. On the property details page, you can find graphics about a property.

3. Contact and keep in touch with a registered agent on our platform. There are 3 ways through which you can contact an agent, including:

a. Reporting a listing

b. The page for location-specific agents

c. Request the details of an agent under the property details page.

4. Schedule a tour of any listed property. You can request a virtual or in-person tour of any property of your choice by clicking “Tour this Property” on a specific property page.

6. With Zerodip Advantage, you will be able to track new listings and save the ones that match your search criteria.

7. Use ZerAi to optimise your search queries and get instant answers to improve your property search.