Introducing Host's ADVANTAGE

Though shortlets in Nigeria are starting to gain widespread interest in the Nigerian property market, it remains a largely unexplored submarket. Zerodip exists to cater for the hosts who are looking for tenants.


We desire that hosts who register on our platform have access to top-quality tools and knowledge that will set them apart from the crowd that is coming into the short-let submarket. That is why we will be sharing all that you stand to gain as a host on Zerodip.

Zerodip is a property search platform that brings hosts and tenants together in a common sphere. This aids in easier and faster interactions towards achieving business goals.


How does Zerodip benefit Short-let Hosts?

Short-let hosts have an exciting opportunity to connect with thousands of potential tenants who are looking for short-term accommodation.

Some of the areas in which you stand to experience growth by registering on Zerodip include:

1. Exposure to a grander stage: Zerodip offers a place on a broader market. This is because we have a nationwide audience, and hosts are highly likely to succeed on a stage where more people know about your home. With holidays such as Christmas and the New Year around the corner, most people are beginning to make travel plans. With our nationwide reach, your home gets more visibility and potentially more engagement.

2. A Better Array of Tools: With our tools, you are better positioned to sell more. Our filters, for example, make it easier for potential leads to find your home and reach out to you. This is because they can filter short-lets according to different criteria, such as location and price points.

3. You also gain from an increasing interest in the market's strength: Zerodip hopes to be the number one hub for short-let hosts and their potential leads. By providing access to authentic tools, Zerodip will be the home for lovers of short-lets in Nigeria. Register your business to take advantage.