Introducing Developer's ADVANTAGE

It is a profound joy for us to unveil Zerodip to the Nigerian property market. The reason is clear: we want to be the top destination for authentic property information and listings.



We want all daily visitors on our platform to have access to high-quality information for a better property experience.

That is why, with Zerodip Advantage, we will be sharing all that you will benefit from by registering on our platform today.


  • What is Zerodip?

Zerodip aims to establish a shared platform of knowledge and transactions for property seekers, estate agents, hosts, and property developers.

Our offer includes exceptional tools specifically designed for each category of user. Whatever your purpose is, we desire that you can find it on Zerodip. Are you looking for a house in a particular area? You can find it here. What schools are in this neighbourhood? We have the answers for that.


  • How does Zerodip benefit property developers?

With Zerodip, property developers have an exciting opportunity to reach millions of potential house seekers and investors. This means more people get to see your developments, which increases your sales conversion.

Among the things you gain by registering on Zerodip, the following stand out:


  • Exposure to a broader scale: You have an opportunity to expand your services to a broader market. With our nationwide span, you get increased visibility, more engagements, and expansive property reviews.
  • Improved market strength: you stand to gain from our ability to generate more demand for your services. With our reach and our unique offers, more and more diverse home seekers in Nigeria will be demanding your services.
  • Furthermore, by using our advanced search filters, you make it easier for potential clients to find your properties. Seekers and investors can filter searches based on location, price points, and other relevant criteria.


How to build a standout property development brand

The property development industry is highly competitive. There are thousands of new-build properties every year, and success means the ability to build strong and recognisable brands. It is not just about the building but also the image of the builder.

An ideal brand, however, is more than a catchy logo or the perfect colour palette. How your audience and your market perceive you and the value of your offer depends on how strong your brand is.

How can I build a stand-out property development brand?



To build a property development company that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, you must consider these six comprehensive guides on how to build a stand-out estate agency.


  • Define your value proposition.

You must establish and understand what your audience will know you for. Think of it as a hook in music; everyone remembers the hook. So, what is your unique value proposition? What sets your company apart? Is it the ability to construct lasting and solid structures? Is it your focus on aesthetics? Is it after-sale maintenance?

Whatever your UVP is, you must understand that it forms the foundation of your brand.


  • Use social media to build influence.

Think about how you can convey your brand’s authenticity and consistency. Create content that will sell the quality of your housing products and other values that you produce.


  • Understand your clients.

This is very important. Everyone who moves to a particular location does so because they identify with or want to identify with what is obtainable there. Tailor your brand to your audience, and pay attention to their aspirations. Highlight how your buildings solve varying challenges that are unique to your target demographics. Having this understanding will help you write well-tailored content that will address their challenges.


  • Create a logo that leaves a lasting impression.

Think of Apple, Dell, or Bentley. Their logos are the visual foundation of their brands. Make your logo simple and reflective of your agency’s identity.

Several programmes can help you produce an appealing and memorable logo. Some of them are Canva, Photoshop, Gimp, and Coreldraw.

You can also consider employing the services of a professional graphic designer to create an ideal logo for you.


  • Create a distinctive colour scheme.

By having a good brand colour, you can create a stronger recall value. This helps you set a tone within your market. If your portfolio consists mainly of high-end properties, use colours that show affluence and wealth. E.g., dark blue and gold colours convey a sense of wealth, refinement, and exclusivity.


  • Embrace Technology

Use technology to improve your brand. With Zerodip, you get the opportunity to highlight your brand as a modern and forward-thinking one. Our website allows you access to different features, including creating virtual property tours. This saves the time and stress of a physical tour.


  • How do you arrive at your property valuation?

It is important to have a good strategy for how to value your property. You do not want to overvalue or undervalue your property.