Introducing Agent's ADVANTAGE

It is a profound joy for us to unveil Zerodip to the Nigerian property market. The reason is clear: we want to be the top destination for authentic property information and listings.



We want all daily visitors on our platform to have access to high-quality information for a better property experience.

That is why, with Zerodip Advantage, we will be sharing all that you will benefit from by registering on our platform today.

What is Zerodip?

Zerodip aims to establish a shared platform of knowledge and transactions for property seekers, estate agents, hosts, and property developers.

Our offer includes exceptional tools specifically designed for each category of user. Whatever your purpose is, we desire that you can find it on Are you looking for a house in a particular area? You can find it here. What schools are in this neighbourhood? We have the answers to that. Can I get a tour of a property without having to go there? We will arrange that for you.


How is Zerodip built for estate agents?

Estate agents are one of our core users. That is why we have carefully built tools that will increase efficiency in your property listing, audience engagement, and visibility. The agent dashboard is designed this way to enhance efficiency in property listing, audience engagement, and visibility.

Upon logging into their dashboard, agents are immediately presented with a wide range of tools that contribute to successful listings. That is because they can include more important information about their portfolio to increase the rate of feedback from property seekers. They can request market insights by clicking on our markets and investment tool. The tool incorporates information such as location trend analysis and demographic markers.


By listing on Zerodip, an estate agent chooses to have the following:

1. Exposure to a broader scale: You have an opportunity to expand your services to a broader market. With our nationwide span, you get increased visibility, more engagements, and expansive property reviews.

2. Improved market strength: you stand to gain from our ability to generate more demand for your services. With our reach and our unique offers, more and more diverse home seekers in Nigeria will be demanding your services.

3. Ability to make better decisions: selling a property has never been better with Zerodip. With our AI Assistant ZerAi and other automated options that come with your package, you have real-time information about your market, location, and properties.