What bills are you responsible for as a tenant?

Dec 22, 2023


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What bills are you responsible for as a tenant?

Bills can be a headache. When moving into a new home, it is important to be armed with proper information on the bills you are expected to pay. Except your landlord has assumed the charges and bills you a service charge, you are expected to handle the cost of the bills. This guide shows you the bills you are expected to pay when moving into a rental home.

First, make sure there are no outstanding bills from the previous tenant. This is prevalent in electricity bills, as most houses still use postpaid meters. This means that tenants are more likely to leave outstanding bills unpaid when moving out.

The bills you are expected to pay include:


1. Electricity Bills:

There are two ways you are charged for electricity in Nigeria. It can either be prepaid or postpaid.

The first thing you should note about electricity bills is that electricity distribution companies have a crazy way of charging tariffs. They do it according to the category of properties within a location. If you are renting in an industrial layout, expect to have higher bills.

This is because all properties are aggregated, and tariffs are set. This means that you pay for sharing a location with a company that uses more electricity. For example, the tariff at which you pay in Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, is different from what you'd pay in Stadium Road, Port Harcourt, even though the distance is different by a 10-minute walk.

Consider this if you are looking to save costs.


2. Waste management bill

You can contract a waste management company to dispose of your waste weekly. This does not include septic waste.

They come weekly to take the waste, and at the end of the month, they charge you a bill for their services.


3. Gas bills

Find out if your landlord allows cooking gas. Some do not for fear of explosions.

If they do, then you have to handle your cooking gas bills. Petrol stations offer gas refill services. Use them for unadulterated gas. It is advised to avoid roadside vendors.


4. Television Bill.

Most people use satellite TV, and the companies that provide this service charge on a monthly basis.


You are expected to handle this bill.

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What bills are you responsible for as a tenant?

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