Top 3 Ways to Close A Lead and Land Your Dream Client

Jan 26, 2024


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Top 3 Ways to Close A Lead and Land Your Dream Client

"I am happy that you have successfully bought your home. I would have loved to have joined in that experience, but it is okay. However, I am curious: is there anything you feel is missing from the home? Maybe it's something you may want your next house to have."

What do you think of that introduction?

When reaching out to a lead for the first time on a follow-up, you must always be armed with appropriate topics for discussion. Your topics of discussion must cut across varying scenarios. Some of the obvious ones are:

I have tried booking appointments or demos with a lead, but they always fail.

a. You have lost touch with your lead
b. Your lead is not currently looking to buy or sell
c. You have tried booking appointments or demos, but attempts always fail

The rule of thumb is always to have the situation under control and, most importantly, to never shut the door yourself.

That is why we have generated solutions to the top 3 scenarios you will most likely face when reaching out to a lead. They include:

1. I lost touch with my lead.

If you lost touch with a lead you have been nurturing, reconnecting is always advised. Whether or not they are looking to do business in the short term, they always remain valuable resources for referrals.

You can start the reconnection process with, "Good morning, Mr. Sadiq. I am happy to speak with you again. The last time we spoke, you considered selling your house in Rumukalagbo. Is that something you are still looking to do, or have you reconsidered?" It is a great icebreaker for such a strained relationship between you and your lead.

If things were severely strained, leading to your initial breakup in the relationship, then you must take this especially seriously. Start with a healer-remark—one that subconsciously works to repair cracks in the relationship. There is no better magic word than "sorry." "Sorry, I am just calling you after such a long time." Though it does not directly address your role in the earlier breakup in the relationship, it gives the impression that you are apologising for something.

And when you think of not apologising, imagine yourself as a small lake and the apology as a channel. Then imagine your lead as a bigger lake. The opportunities are limitless. You become a tributary—a body of water that flows into a bigger body of water.

It doesn't matter if it seems like you are taking responsibility for something you were not in the wrong for. What matters is healing the rift and creating new bridges.

Also, with this scenario, you are trying to qualify them as a current viable lead. Lead qualification is the process of finding the right client to reach out to about an offer. For example, there may be 15,000 homeowners within Abuja, but of the 15,000, there are only 25 who are looking to sell in the short term. This means that the 25 are potentially your qualified leads.

Even if they have done business with another agent, you can still arrest them and bring them into your fold. You can commend them for getting such a great property, and then proceed to collect points that will help you prospect them in the future. Every conversation with a lead must be a fact-finding mission.

2. The lead is not currently looking to sell.

This is another scenario you may have encountered.

The lead may be interested in buying or selling, but not just yet. You have probably experienced that feeling when you want something but are unsure of its precise nature or how you want it.

If you are talking with a lead that doesn't have the big picture yet, you want to ask questions that will uncover their pain points. Pain points are things that can stop you from successfully completing a business transaction. Some pain points include:

a. lack of money
b. better or cheaper alternatives.

To uncover these pain points, you may want to ask questions like:

Is there anything you would like to have been better at in your new home? This can open a glossary of potential pain points. They may indicate that they would want a bigger home in the future or that they may be looking to retire and would therefore need a smaller home. Research never dies.

The reason for this particular question is due to the fact that people have a better idea of what they do not want than what they want. If, for example, someone asks you if you want to eat and you do not know if you should eat what is offered, you can know that you are not hungry and, thus, do not want to eat. That is how it is.

3. I have tried booking appointments or demos with a lead, but they always fail.

If you have unsuccessfully tried booking an appointment with a lead, then this is for you.

Every successful lead outreach campaign must end with a convincing call to action. Without a call to action, you are fishing without a bait. No one throws an empty reel into a lake and expects to catch a trout.

There are baits for every scenario. You just have to consistently try them out and find the one that works best for you.

For starters, you want to start with some of the more obvious ones:

"So, Mrs. Kyangchat, are you free for a quick 10-minute chat about the current real estate market and how best to take advantage of it? I can send you a link to my calendar so that you can select what time works best for you."

And most importantly, try to end the meeting before the time you stated. If you stated "a quick 10-minute call," end in 7 minutes and make it obvious. You can state that "hey, look, we did not end up needing 10 minutes to explain the key benefits of doing business with us."

Why is this important? It is a subconscious game that will pay off when you want to book another appointment. The lead will have it in their mind that you will not waste their time.



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Top 3 Ways to Close A Lead and Land Your Dream Client

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