The Tourism and Hospitality Paradise of Nigeria - Calabar

Feb 25, 2024


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The Tourism and Hospitality Paradise of Nigeria - Calabar

Have you imagined visiting where you can have the best of experience, nature, culture, and that's just the beginning? A quiet place to relax, enjoy delicious food, and learn about a happy people's history?

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The place described above is the city of Calabar in southeast Nigeria 🇳🇬. This place is filled with nature, food, history, and fun activities. This place is simply home away from home because the people of Calabar are the kindest and most welcoming. 

Today, we will share amazing activities and places you can enjoy while in the city of Calabar.

So, are you ready to discover the tourism and hospitality paradise of Nigeria? Let’s go!

Why Calabar is the ideal location for your next get-away

Calabar is something beyond a city; it's an energy. You can defeat the two universes there—the old and the new, the rural and the urban, the strange and the known. Hey there! Calabar wants you to come and have a blast, celebrating its vibrant mix of cultures and unique personalities.

Here are a portion of the motivations behind why Calabar is the ideal location for your next get-away:

Your next vacation should be in Calabar because:

1. Nature: Green forests and blue waters make Calabar a natural wonder. Visit Cross River National Park to see rare and endangered animals or enjoy Tinapa Resort, a world-class relaxation and entertainment complex. There is also the Obudu Mountain Resort that has amazing views and a cable car ride to the sky and the beautiful Calabar Beach, which is peaceful, and tranquil with clear waters and a wide range of activities.

- Cross River National Park

Cross River Public Park is one of Africa’s biggest rainforests and houses special animals like the Cross River gorilla, Nigerian-Cameroonian chimpanzee, drill, forest elephant, and grey-necked rockfowl. The park also has shrines, sacred groves, and archaeological sites where you can hike, ride a bike, watch birds, and even camp.

- Tinapa Resort

Tinapa is a business and recreation resort that offers an interesting and important experience for its guests. Tinapa consolidates shopping, diversion, cordiality, and culture in a lovely and tranquil climate. Tinapa offers work, play, relaxation, and learning.

The 80,000-square-metre resort has four areas: the waterpark, the lakeside hotel, the business resort, and the free zone.

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The Business Resort is a modern conference and exhibition centre for hosting or attending workshops, seminars, etc. The Lakeside Hotel is a four-star hotel that has 242 rooms and suites, a restaurant, bar, and swimming area. The waterpark has exciting games and rides for relaxation and fun.

Obudu (A place of diverse activities)

Obudu is a town that is pleased with its way of life and history and shows it in various ways. The Obudu Mountain Resort is the primary fascination of Obudu and one of the most gorgeous and awesome travel areas in Africa. The resort is arranged on a level at 1576 meters above ocean level on the Oshie Edge of the Sankwala Mountains.

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The resort's environment is a welcome break from Nigeria's heat. It has a four-star hotel, conference and exposition centre, golf course, water park, cable car, and canopy walkway. 

You can also hike, ride a bike, watch various wildlife, and camp. The Obudu Museum displays pottery, sculptures, masks, and costumes from ancient and present times. Obudu Town Hall, Cathedral, and Cattle Ranch Gate are all worth seeing too.

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2. Culture:

Calabar's culture is represented through the Calabar Carnival, Calabar Festival, museums, and Slave Museum, highlighting the region's history.

- Calabar Museum

The museum is located in the colonial Old Residency, the British governor's home. The museum exhibits Efik kingdom, slave, palm-oil trade, and colonial artefacts and records. The museum shows local antiques, clothes, ceramics, artwork, and masks from ancient and present times. Discover Calabar's rich and diverse history at the museum.


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Calabar Festival

Calabar Carnival is Africa’s biggest street party that involves parades, concerts, competitions, exhibitions, talents, creativity, and more, which attracts millions of tourists around the world. The December Funfair is a highlight of Nigeria's tourism and entertainment industries.real estate firm in Nigeria


- Food: You can try the local dishes like edikang ikong, afang, and ekpang nkukwo, partake in many seafoods like crabs, prawns, lobsters, and fish, or try the colourful organic fruits like soursop, mango, pineapple, and pawpaw.


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- Fun: Calabar is an extraordinary spot to have a great time since it has exercises like the Calabar Drill Farm, where you can see drill monkeys, and the Calabar Carnival, where you can play and be cheerful. Calabar Nightlife lets you party with the locals for a memorable night.

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Still more! Tourism in Nigeria drives economic growth and development, as well as sightseeing and eating. Tourism boosts local businesses, creating jobs and cultural exchange by attracting tourists from far and wide. All participants benefit!

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real estate company nigeria Paradise of Nigeria - Calabar Paradise of Nigeria Tourism and Hospitality Paradise


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The Tourism and Hospitality Paradise of Nigeria - Calabar

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