The Pleasure Moving to Rivers State

Dec 02, 2023


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The Pleasure Moving to Rivers State

Rivers State is unlike any other state in Nigeria. It earns the title of the Treasure Base of the Nation due to its status as home to major oil companies and rigs in the country. For the locals, it is the venue of the biggest food festival in the country, the Bole Festival.


Unlike most Nigerian states that have suffered from a modern-day decline in manufacturing and industries, Rivers State has retained a cluster of high-value, advanced manufacturing industries. Oil companies have laid the foundation for an industrial economy.


State authorities have also introduced other ways to strengthen the economy. One way was the improvement of the road network around the state. The government administration that ended in 2023 focused heavily on the building of multi-lane road networks and overhead flyovers and bridges, thereby reducing the traffic jams that the state capital was infamous for. 

What to expect in Rivers State

Rivers State, like the name suggests, is a riverine state. However, the state government has begun reclaiming land across different areas. Local governments like Abonnema are currently reclaiming land across different areas.


Port Harcourt is the main town in Rivers State. The streets offer modern buildings. You can find the usual sights within this city: local stores, big shopping malls, clubs, and convenience stores. You can also find local markets such as Mile 1 Market, Mile 3 Timber Market, Onne Market, and others. If you love shopping, you can visit Market Square outlets in Trans Amadi, GRA, Onne, and Elelenwo. You can also check out SPA, Next Cash N' Carry, and Shoprite.


Bonny Island is another exciting town to check out in Rivers State. It is accessible from Port Harcourt by boat. Locals and tourists often refer to it as "Little London."


Major oil companies have headquartered there and made significant investments to improve the town. You can visit Finima Beach for relaxation and other fun activities in Bonny.


Bonny is located 40 kilometres southwest of Port Harcourt. The ancient kingdom shares borders with Andoni in the east, Okirika and Ogoni in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south.


Native Bonny people are mainly fishermen and are also involved in trade and salt making.


Christianity is the major religion in Bonny. The majority of indigenous people converted to the religion after King William Dappa Peppe introduced it in the 1800s. Other indigenous religions are, however, still practised.


You can also take a tour of the Ogoniland rainforest. Though most of this forest has been cleared for farming, this city remains a place to visit.


The Ogonis are into agriculture and fishing and comprise closely-knit communities.


Ogoniland consists of six kingdoms: Babbe, Eleme, Gokana, Ken-Khana, Nyo-Khana, and Tai. The orientation camp of the National Youth Service Corps in Rivers State is located in Nonwa-Gbam Tai. 

Sightseeing and Culture

Rivers State offers a vibrant and exciting lifestyle. The rich culture and history are influences on this way of life.

In the early 2010s, there was the CarniRiv, an annual carnival that brought all the local governments of the state together in Port Harcourt for a massive display of culture and heritage. There were masquerade parades, with each tribe showcasing their indigenous colours. 

There are a number of historic sites in Rivers State, as well as newly established ones. Some of them include: 

National Museum, Port Harcourt

This is an ethnographic museum that was established in 1973. You can view the "Life in the Niger Delta" exhibition, with its intricately arranged gallery that showcases the social and economic sides of the Niger Delta.

You can also view various displayed artefacts, including Akwaete textiles, the Ajipolo hat of the Kalabaris, pottery and calabash works, fishing equipment, and others. 

Pleasure Park

Pleasure Park is the most popular place of relaxation for the indigenes of Rivers State. The last administration established the park, which offers recreational activities. You can watch a movie at Kada Cinema, located inside the park, or visit the various game centres. There is also a boat ride, which you can enjoy for a fee of ₦3,500.


Yakubu Gowon (formerly known as Liberation Stadium)

The Yakubu Gowon stadium is the home stadium of the Ruvers United (a football team consisting of the Sharks FC and Dolphins FC) that won the 2021/2022 Nigeria Professional Football League. Before the merger, Dolphin FC was the sole occupant of the stadium. Beside the stadium is the Real Madrid Academy building, which is the result of a partnership between the Rivers State Government and the Real Madrid Football Club of Spain.


Bole Festival

The Bole Festival is the biggest festival in Port Harcourt. This annual food event has vendors of roasted plantains and yam come together with music celebrities for a massive one-week event that celebrates the indigenous dishes of Port Harcourt.


Cost of Living

According to a local, Gerald Adele, Port Harcourt has been a major part of his life. "The festivals are massive, especially the Bole festival. There's also the Plug Music Festival. I love the city. The cost of living is very good. You can get affordable housing. You do not have to break the bank for good housing."



Port Harcourt is famous for its variety of roast plantains. However, Port Harcourt has elevated the experience by enjoying roast plantains with a sauce made of pepper and palm oil, as well as a combination of roast yam, fish, onions, parsley, and oil beans.


The fisherman's soup is another popular local dish, made mainly of seafood. Another is the Kalabari dish Onunu.


historic sites in Rivers State

Education and career

There are four universities in Port Harcourt, as well as a number of polytechnics and colleges of education. They include:

  • University of Port Harcourt
  • Rivers State University
  • Madonna University, which is privately owned
  • Rivers State University of Health
  • Nigeria Law School

Rivers State is home to multiple oil servicing companies, making it a hub for career opportunities. This has led to an influx of people from other states in the country. There are also a number of big and multinational supermarket chains within the state that employ staff for roles such as cashiers, managers, and attendants. 

Churches and Mosques

Christianity is very dominant in Port Harcourt. There are a number of churches where one can worship in this city. Major ones include Salvation Ministries and House on the Rock Ministries, located at Birabi Street, GRA, and Sani Abacha Road, respectively. You can find other ones, including Omega Power Ministries, Soteria City, Newbreed Christian Community, Newlife Baptist Church, and Hilltop Christian Church.

If you are a Muslim, you can visit various mosques around the city, including the Rivers State Central Mosque at 208 Niger Street, Port Harcourt.

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The Pleasure Moving to Rivers State

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