The costs of renting

Dec 21, 2023


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The costs of renting

The Costs of Renting

We can assist you in understanding the expenses and determining a feasible rental budget. Here is all the information you require to establish your rental budget.


1. Uncertain about the bills you're accountable for while residing in a rental property? Here's the breakdown for renters:

Which bills are you responsible for as a tenant ? >


2. Looking to rent? Consider utilities, security deposits, rent, relocation costs, and budget while renting a house.

The beginner's guide to renting costs   >


3. Agents and landlords cannot charge renters certain fees. The following charges are allowed and prohibited for renters.

What fees can you not be charged as a tenant?   >


4. Here's exactly what you need to pay when you find a rental home, plus the things you can no longer be charged for when you move in.

Tenant fees: everything you need to know? >


5. Looking for cheaper rent? Three strategies to save money without lowering quality.

How can you cut rental costs? >


  • Your tenancy rights

There are laws in place to protect you as a renter, from property safety standards to the notice you must be given before being evicted.

Explore my tenancy rights by Zerodip >

  • Setting your criteria

What do you need, and what's on your nice-to-have list? Here are our tips for deciding what you really want from your rental home.

Explore my rights by Zerodip >

  • House sharing

Thinking of getting some housemates? Here are our tips for setting ground rules, keeping the peace, and making sure the washing up gets done.

Explore my house sharing rules by Zerodip >



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The costs of renting

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