How to Invest in Nigerian Real Estate As A Foreigner: A Complete Guide

Feb 13, 2024


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How to Invest in Nigerian Real Estate As A Foreigner: A Complete Guide

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Do you know that as a foreigner, you can invest in Nigerian real estate and make good money? Would you like to learn about the pros and cons of buying property in this country? If YES, you have come to the best place.


You need land banking to buy and keep land for medium-to-long-term returns.


Understanding Land Banking: A Lucrative Investment Strategy


Land banking includes obtaining undeveloped land determined to hold it for sometime. This system permits foreign buyers to gain from the rising need for land in Nigeria while profiting from them long term. 

Why invest in Nigerian real estate as a foreigner?


Nigeria is known as the largest in Africa not just because of its people, but its resources, and lots more. It is a $400 billion  economy that is yet untapped.  It has a lot of real estate properties available for investment. You can explore a wide array of investment opportunities that you can venture into. We at are here to get you the best real estate investment that suits your needs without hassle.

Benefits of Buying Property in Nigeria as a Foreigner

The following are some advantages of investing as a foreigner in Nigerian real estate:

- High demand and low supply: About 20 million places to stay in Nigeria are not accessible. For both private and business properties, this shows that there are serious areas to work on especially in urban areas. But the supply is being constrained by things like money, infrastructure, control, and the availability of land. As a result of the gap this causes between supply and demand, property prices increase.

- High returns on investment: Investment returns in Nigerian real estate are high due to high demand and low supply. PwC reports a 25% mean annual return on residential properties in Nigeria and 35% on commercial properties. 

- Diversification and insurance: Because Nigeria's economy and government are more stable than some of its neighbours', it's a good place to spread out your investments . 

- Long-term ownership and appreciation: Foreigners can possess property in Nigeria through a locally registered entity or company. Furthermore, they possess the liberty to lease land for up to 99 years, equating to extended ownership. Hence, foreigners can take advantage of all the advantages of owning property in Nigeria, including appreciation, rental income, and capital growth.  As reported by the World Bank, property values in Nigeria have surged by an average annual rate of 10% since 2000, accompanied by a corresponding 15% annual uplift in rents. This underlines Nigerian real estate as a valuable and appreciating asset capable of fostering wealth for investors over time.

- Stability and Security: Owning property delivers a sense of stability and security, particularly for expatriates intending to settle in Nigeria. Real estate investments usually have low risk because property values stay stable and don't change much when prices rise.

- Potential Rental Income: Make use of Nigeria's rental market to make passive money by renting your property. This rental revenue might be used for other investments or financial improvement.

- Capital Appreciation: As areas get bigger and the economy gets better, more people will want to buy homes. This means that the values of houses will keep going up.

How to Buy A Property In Nigeria As A Foreigner

Here's a detailed guide to help you commence your venture:

- Conduct Market Research: Acquaint yourself with the intricacies of Nigeria's real estate sector, encompassing regional trends, property valuations, and regulatory frameworks.

- Identify Investment Opportunities: Look for great pieces of land in areas that are growing quickly and could be developed and worth more in the future. Zerodip has what you need to connect you with the best investment.

- Do Your Research: It's always a good idea to do a lot of research on certain pieces of land, such as checking the land title, looking at the zoning rules, and looking at plans for improving infrastructure.

- Acquisition: Visit to see a list of land parcels for sale by sellers and real estate agents in the best places in Nigeria.

- Long-Term Holding: Hold the land for the medium to long term, keeping an eye on developments in the market and maximizing its value through strategic development and planning.

Key Takeaway: By strategically acquiring and holding undeveloped land, you can capitalize on Nigeria's growing demand for real estate while enjoying the benefits of long-term capital appreciation. 

Let be your trusted partner on this quest to property acquisition, offering expert direction and access to prime ventures customized to your needs.


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How to Invest in Nigerian Real Estate As A Foreigner: A Complete Guide

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