How to cut rental costs

Dec 22, 2023


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How to cut rental costs

When renting a home, there are a number of fees you are saddled with. They can be a burden, especially if you are looking to manage your expenses. That is why we have generated this guide to explain how you can cut rental costs.

The ways you can cut rental costs include:


1. Become a property guardian.

Though it is not popular in Nigeria, being a property guardian offers a unique way to cut down on rental costs.

Humans are always on the move and will always leave their homes unprotected. This is where a property guardian comes in.

By becoming a property guardian, you offer to live in a home while its owners are away. This means you are given the responsibility to protect the house against accidents or burglars.

The benefits of being a property guardian cannot be underestimated. For example, it gives you access to good housing at affordable rates.


2. Find someone to share with.

You can find a homeowner you can share accommodations with.

There are people always on the lookout for "roommates" they can share accommodations with. This is most prevalent in high-end locations, as high property costs mean home owners are constantly looking for ways to shed bills.

They may offer you a room at a low rental cost. Also, you may be required to handle one or two chores while living there.

Nonetheless, it offers a strategic means for affordable housing.


3. Lodge rather than rent

A tenant and a lodger are different. This is because, unlike the renter, who has access to every room and space in the home, the lodger is limited to a single space or room.

With the rental, you have the right to limit anyone from accessing any space in your home, including the landlord, but do you really need the extra space? If your goal is to save costs, being a lodger may be more cost-effective.


If you are lodging with a person who is not the original owner of the home, find out if they have obtained permission from appropriate quarters to take you in. This is to avoid future problems. If possible, get a written affirmation that you have the right to lodge with them.

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How to cut rental costs

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