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Dec 20, 2023


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Find the perfect rental home

Why You Should Rent Through An Estate Agent

The real estate agent is like a middle man for you and the homeowner. Someone who owns rental property gets an agent to take care of it. Some landlords like to be involved, but most would prefer both parties  talk through an agent.

It's always good for renters to have access to useful information that will help them learn about their new home and the person who will be renting it to them.  

Getting this information may not be possible.

A qualified agent will help assure a trusted level of professionalism in the rental experience.


  • What do estate agents bring to the rental process?

They advertise and promote the property on behalf of the landlord.

They refer tenants to the property.

They handle viewing sessions. These sessions allow the tenants to inspect the home.

Agents may also set up regular inventories with renters to make sure that the tenants haven't damaged anything. They have to make sure there is no damage to the landlord's property when the lease is up. They may be required to submit an inventory. They must do this in order to get their caution fee back after the term.

They conduct property inspections.


  • Do agents belong to professional bodies?

The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers gives licences to real estate agents in the country. The Institution was named by CAP. E13 LFN 2004 as the official body in Nigeria that controls and sets standards for the real estate and valuation business. The institution, in 2014, established the Association of Estate Agents in Nigeria (AEAN). Only registered members of this association are allowed to practice in Nigeria.


  • Why should you use an estate agent?

1. With an agent, you have access to expert knowledge of the local area.

People always find it tough when moving to uncharted territories, but with an expert as a guide, you are able to find available properties.

By calling on an estate agent, you have a good idea of the area you intend to rent. The knowledge you gain will inform any decision you make.

The agent's knowledge of the local market gives you an advantage when negotiating with the landlord.


2. You also have the agent's presence when viewing the property.

By going with an agent to view properties, you are assured of security. You also get the opportunity to ask questions about particular features you may observe about the property.


3. Renting through an agent will also give you assurance of a legal and compliant tenancy agreement.

When you are renting, you should expect to sign and file a number of documents. These documents provide legal backing for the rental process, and they are vital.

You can decide to handle these yourself, but it is much easier with an estate agent.

Your agent will handle all documentation on the property and help you get up and running quickly.


4. The agent takes pressure away from you.

Because the agent has been in property negotiations for an extended period of time, they are better suited to negotiate with landlords.

This takes pressure off you, as he has better knowledge of the market and is able to hash out a good deal for you.



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