A concrete guide to selecting the best security doors for your home

Feb 05, 2024


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A concrete guide to selecting the best security doors for your home

A house is different from a home. The four walls, the furniture, the kitchen—they all make a house. But to define a home, you have to go deeper. It's any place where you can live and love, where you can share memories, and where there's enough peace and happiness to go around everyone in it. A good house doesn't necessarily mean a good home, but to some extent, it plays a role in the big picture.

In this guide, we will be exploring the top measures to consider to fortify your home. And we will pay special attention to doors.


  • How can I find the perfect security door for my home?

When selecting a good door, a number of things come into focus: aesthetics, durability, and a number of others. However, you should also prioritise security.

When you think of security, there is no "doing too much." Your efforts towards securing your home from unwanted attention and intrusion can never be too much. And you should not give anyone an opportunity to catch you unaware. That is why, when selecting something as basic as a door, you should go extra.

But the question becomes, "How can I buy the right door?"

The word "right" means that the door must be sturdy and secure, and the hinges and latches must be functional.


  • What are the characteristics of a good security door?
  • They are usually made of premium materials. This ensures thickness and robust resistance to wear and tear.
  • They have advanced locking mechanisms. It must not be a high-tech system such as a keycard or fingerprint technology, but you'd know and confirm the extra layers of security it has.
  • It has the ability to increase the property value of your home.


  • What should I look out for when buying a security door?
  • Material used

The material used in making the door must be made of strong materials such as steel and solid wood. Reinforced doors can be highly effective in serving this role.

Reinforced doors add more layers or materials to key parts of the door. By doing this, the structural integrity of the door is assured.

Picking the right material is very important. You want a door that can withstand extreme weather as well as heavy and frequent use. When your door is made of sturdy materials, you find that your home becomes almost impenetrable to robbers.

  • Frame quality

When buying a door frame, make sure to prioritise those that have the highest joinery standards. They should guarantee top-quality performance. The reason is because quality frames make for long-lasting performance.

A well-constructed door frame must also be well anchored or fastened to the wall.

  • Locking Mechanism

These are the systems you use to lock the door and prevent entry to your home. Usually, you must have a key in order to bypass the locking mechanism.

Choosing a high-quality keylock is advised. It enhances security.

Italian doors and some other high-quality doors also favour a multi-keylock system. This means that to gain entry, you must use more than one set of keys on the same door.

  • Hinges

These are important too. The door is useless without its hinges. To avoid being unhinged due to robbery or any other intrusion, you must make sure the quality of your door hinges is of the highest standard.

This is because once the hinge is taken off, the door becomes useless. Make sure to get tamper-resistant hinges.

Most importantly, do not get those with removable pins.


  • Why should I pay a premium for "just" a door?
  • Durability:

This is important. You do not want to buy a door that is susceptible to easy tear and wear. Termites and other insects or rodents may easily destroy some wooden doors. Even nature can degenerate a poorly made door.

You need doors that can withstand harsh conditions from the elements, as well as those caused by humans or other animals. Keeping unwanted guests out is usually the priority, so you don't want a robber to come visiting when your doors are rusty or termite-infested. A single swing at it with an external object can see it come crumbling down, and you and your belongings are open for attack.

A steel door can withstand these conditions. You might want to consider an Italian-made door. While you may see high-quality doors made in Nigeria, particularly in renowned commercial centres like Onitsha, those who can afford them typically prefer Italian-imported doors.

  • Aesthetics

Apart from increasing security standards, quality doors add beauty to your homes. Aesthetics are very important when buying a home. It should highlight your personality and your love for your home.

  • Value Increase

Quality security doors also enhance the value of your home. When buyers come knocking, you can always find the courage to quote premium asking prices due to the quality of materials you invested in the home.


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A concrete guide to selecting the best security doors for your home

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