6 green ideas that will save you money when renovating or in a new build

Dec 26, 2023


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6 green ideas that will save you money when renovating or in a new build

Renovating your home can be easier than most make it out to be. Going eco while doing it can be the best investment you could make in your home. While in the short term, going full-eco may be expensive, it has been proven to reduce long-term electricity bills and can also save you money on your home insurance premiums. That is why we have generated six green ideas to help you increase the sustainability and value of your home.

What are some green renovation ideas?

Green renovation ideas mean renovating your home with materials that do not pose harm to the environment or our ecosystem.

This can play out when you change the use of a material instead of throwing it away when it is old. For example, you can remodel an old tyre into a chic centre table or side stool. Another way is recycling, which involves deconstructing waste and then proceeding to create something entirely new from it.

By using green materials, you also take a stand for protecting the environment against climate change.

6 green ideas that will increase the value of your home include:


1. Install Solar Panels:

Solar-run homes use the energy of the sun to power and operate electrical appliances. This has seen homeowners save hundreds of thousands of naira in monthly electricity bills.

The electricity tariff in Nigeria increased by just over 167% in the 8 years from 2015 to 2023. This is according to The Guardian. This has seen bills jump from an average of ₦23.5/kWh to ₦63/kWh, a 167.23% increase.

By installing solar panels in your home, you drastically reduce the bills you pay for electricity.

While it may cost a considerably high amount of money to install, it proves to be a good investment in the long run. According to Mercury Inverter, the cost for a complete installation of a solar panel system can range from ₦500,000 ($553) to ₦7 million ($7,743).

Solar panel systems can power your television sets and air conditioners, heat your swimming pool, and power your bulbs for light.



2. Consider reclaimed furniture.

Instead of spending thousands of Naira on buying brand new furniture and then proceeding to dump old ones, you could convert wood from old furniture to brand new furniture.

You can hire a carpenter to handle this.

Reclaimed wood creates less waste and saves you money on buying new ones. You will also be surprised at how they can bring spark to your home. This is because they look brand new when fully reclaimed.


3. Buy programmable air conditioning.

This kind of air conditioner can be set to work minimally when you want it to. If you are away but want the home to maintain a certain temperature, you can set it to your preferred temperature.

One benefit of this is that it saves the system from quick degradation due to constant use. By constantly using an air conditioner at full capacity, you are doing the following:

Exposing it to high operating temperatures. This can lead to faster ageing of the parts and ultimately reduce their durability.
Exposing the compressor to overheating, thereby risking premature engine failure,
risking more financial expenses due to more servicing requirements.

As an alternative to air conditioners, you can install ceiling fans to cool your home. They require less energy to operate.


4. Adopt induction kitchen stoves.

There have been studies that have shown a correlation between traditional cooking gas and bad indoor air quality. According to the California Air Resources Board, natural gas stoves can release toxic materials such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde into the air, leading to potential health risks to humans and pets. Using firewood is also a no-no. This is due to potential exposure to high levels of air pollution from the wood smoke.

Induction Cooking stoves convert electric currents into heat in order to heat up pots. Instead of using gas to transfer heat from a burner to a pot, it does it through magnetic induction. As a result, the chances of being exposed to harmful chemicals are totally eliminated.

Industrial cooktops have also been linked to better energy efficiency. Due to their ability to transfer heat directly, these cooktops waste less energy. This is because the heat is concentrated on the pot and not any other surface. This leads to an 84% energy reduction compared to natural gas.

You can also easily programme the cooktop to a precise temperature.



5. Use Energy Rating to Save Money

Do not buy any appliance simply because it is a brand name or because it is more expensive (Nigerians do not believe cheap articles are efficient). Think of potential energy waste while buying them.

If you are buying an air conditioner, you can save money on future electricity bills by checking how the appliance has been energy-rated.

By using energy-rated appliances, you have more control over how much energy you are expending.


6. Insulate your homes

Properly insulated homes spend less on energy costs than homes that are not. A tightly sealed home makes it more comfortable for you as well as more energy-efficient.

Proper insulation is achieved when you arrange, position, and design your windows and doors in a way that insulates sound and heat.

If you are living in cold places, such as Jos, you may want to retain heat in your home. Hot air normally moves up, and when your home is not sufficiently insulated, the heat may escape through breathable walls, which may lead to increased energy costs.

Get double-glazed glass, which is popular in home insulation.



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6 green ideas that will save you money when renovating or in a new build

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